Weekday Menu




Cream of pumpkin                                                       P100


Roasted chicken + vegetable                                    P100


Seafood chowder                                                        P100






Insalata UVA + kesong puti + honey balsamico      P175


Chop-chop + roasted chicken salad                         P185




SUPER SANDWICHES with sweet potato chips


Tuna + tomato Panini                                                  P160


Fish banh mi                                                                P170


Grilled double ham + double cheese                        P165


Hot pressed Cuban roll + roast pork + ham              P180


Kesong puti + basil + tomato Panini                          P175


Eggplant mozzarella Panini                                        P155


Roasted chicken pesto Panini                                   P195


Meatball mozzarella melt                                            P195


Braised pulled pork                                                     P180






Miso glazed mahi mahi + soy fried rice                     P210


Chicken skewers + thai marinade + rice                            P225


Crunchy chicken + katsu sauce + rice                      P205


Lemongrass beef + soy fried rice                              P275


Fish & tofu + red curry sauce + rice                           P210


Minced chicken + hot basil rice bowl                         P185


Meatball teriyaki rice bowl                                          P195


Meatball curry rice bowl                                              P195


Crispy chicken cutlets + ginger sake dip + rice                 P210


Tonkatsu curry rice                                                     P220


Beer battered fish + fries + tartar sauce                    P195








Pesto + kesong puti + tomato                                    P195


Pasta Chamba + shrimps + pickled mangoes                   P245


Home style spaghetti + meatballs                             P215


Seafood spaghettini                                                    P255


Old school spaghetti Bolognese                                P185






Bananas foster + mantecado ice cream                            P100


Warm chocolate soufflé + ice cream                         P125


Fernando’s famous Choc-Not ice cream                           P90


Trailer Park Montecristo  deep fried REESE’S


peanut butter & jelly sandwich                                   P135


Braso de Mercedes                                                     P65


Warm apple crisp ala mode                                       P125


Deep moist chocolate cake                                        P120




Chilled juices orange / cranberry / apple                            P100


Pot of tea   P60            Freshly squeezed lemonade         P90


A&W Rootbeer float    P115          Iced citrus tea     P75


A&W crème soda float          P115          Soda in can        P55


Mango Nectar in can P90




COFFEE  we serve Segafredo Zanetti coffee


Espresso            P75            Double Espresso                  P115


Americano          P75            Latte                              P90


Mocha                 P90            Cappuccino                  P90




*Prices are subject to 5% service charge and may change without prior notice

2 Responses to “Weekday Menu”
  1. feannini says:

    i suggest less sauce in the meatball teriyaki rice bowl. or maybe have an option to put the sauce in a separate container/cup instead? but still yummy!

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